All Things Spooky

All Things Spooky

Here at LANE Realty Works, we love everything about the Halloween holiday. We get to dress up in ridiculous costumes, binge on lots of unhealthy treats and most importantly, share in all the excitement with our friends and family.


Lori’s mini-poodle, Fushi, loves dressing up! Here he is pretending he’s a knight in shining armor and, of course, Lori’s trusted sidekick, Robin.


Kevin’s Parti Yorkie, Otis, is a party-pup indeed. He has many Halloween costumes, and to his dismay, got to wear all of them this year!


Dressed up as characters from the Flintstones, Meg and Matt celebrated Baby Rae’s very first Halloween. She may not have known what was going on most of the night, but had a huge smile regardless!


Kari and Nathan went out on the town this Halloween, enjoying the night with amazing friends in DIY costumes, such as Kari’s handmade paper doll dress.


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